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Employees engaging with the Horn of Africa area.


Educational simulation game


The complexities of cultural awareness make it almost impossible to teach, beyond basic tips. You can probably imagine the immense challenge of creating cultural awareness training for an area as broad, diverse, and historied as the Horn of Africa.


A full educational simulation game. This level of immersion was necessary for an effective course and led to much better outcomes than the usual ILTs. Video was combined with adventure-game style mechanics to fully immerse the learner in lifelike conversations and situations. This was a huge effort in collaborating with the production team, the developers, and many SMEs. The full game is, sadly, unavailable, but you can read a section of my favorite script, an encounter with an Italian-Eritrean. The script indicates branching, pronunciation, and feedback cues. The full version was in video, and fully acted by an SME with that background. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud when he said I did justice to the region!


Take a look at a storyboard of this interactive conversation.