Call center agents in foreign countries


Web-based course


Teaching American culture in an engaging, respectful way that was also deeply relevant and applicable to daily life in the call center.


When I was approached to write this client’s course, they told me they wanted it to be story-based, and tightly integrated with the content. This is right up my alley, and it ended up being one of my favorite courses, as well as – according to the director of L&D – one of the two best examples of storytelling in learning that the team had ever produced. This course follows a story from top to bottom: a call center agent from Ecuador, Paulina, goes on vacation to see her cousin in San Antonio, and along the way learns about American geography, etiquette, accents, and the like, as well as how to better serve her customers. The story was told through a combination of video, comic book-style graphics, interactive elements, and scenario-based knowledge checks. All of the content is presented as it naturally fits in the story, and the result is engaging experience that roots all the content within a realistic setting. All of this with the limitations of a web-based course rather than full-on eLearning. This is a great example of how storytelling and instructional design work hand in hand!