Instructor-Led Training


Call center repair agents.


Instructor-Led Training


Teaching troubleshooting trees, which can be very involved, and also emphasizing the soft skills needed when walking through the trees.


I did a huge amount of ILT and eLearning-based training for a national cable/telecommunications firm over the course of two years. These were exceptionally tricky projects given the complexity of the material their new hires needed to learn – technical skills were necessary for these repair agents, as well as soft skills. On top of that, the tools they needed to master were constantly changing, so had to be encouraged learn proactively. Throughout these projects, I focused on ways to make the agents self-sufficient by encouraging self-discovery, brainstorming, and roleplaying rather than lecture. The key was putting the learners in situations where they can balance technical awareness and these soft skills.


A sample of a Facilitator Guide can be found here. It’ll give you a good idea of what kind of activities I used for these goals.